§ 18.2. Size, Location and Development Requirements  

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  • The PUD zoning classification and accompanying development plans may be approved upon findings that the application is proper for the comprehensive and systemic development of the county, is capable of accomplishing the purposes of this zone, is an internally and externally compatible form of development and is consistent with any applicable planning and land use policies of the county. In order to enable the county to evaluate the conformance with the standards contained herein, specific sets of plans shall be submitted in accord with subsection 18.9 herein, and the county is authorized to approve said plan or plans if such plans are found sufficient to accomplish the above purposes in compliance with the standards and requirements of this zone.

    18.2-1 Minimum Area. No land shall be classified in the PUD zone unless it contains a minimum of 100 acres. Parcels or tracts less than the minimum acreage may be permitted if they are within a municipal urban area boundary (UAB) or contiguous to an existing PUD zoned area and may be harmoniously integrated into the PUD area, consistent with the objectives and purposes of this zone.

    18.2-2 Location. Such land shall be located adjacent to and readily accessible from existing or planned roadways, sufficient to carry the increased capacity of the development, and are in an approved construction program. It is intended that adequate access be available to such sites so that traffic does not have an adverse impact on the surrounding area or cause internal circulation or safety problems. To this end, it is required that any PUD constructed in Troup County have at a minimum two entrances and exits, preferably along collector or arterial street systems.